Who needs protection?

The simple answer is no one, that is, until you need it and then it becomes the most important thing you ever did in your life.

Insuring yourself to pay for an unexpected event is nothing new. It’s been around for hundreds of years. At one time, if you applied for a mortgage, the lender would make it a condition of the loan that you have suitable life cover in force to repay the mortgage in the event of your early demise. Today, some but not all lenders make this a condition but that doesn’t make it less important. For a relatively small cost, you could protect yourself and your family against financial hardship in the event of your early demise and that would mean that you would be offering them security for the future if something unexpected happened to you.

If you are the financial breadwinner, you owe it to your family to offer them the protection they need.

Did you know, insurance is not just to protect your mortgage.

There are many plans available that can be used to protect your family, your income and even your health.

What’s more, you may be pleasantly surprised at just how little they cost.

We have specialist advisers on hand to provide you with all the advice you will ever need and we are confident that we can help you find the most cost effective plan available that will offer both you and your family, the protection you deserve.

Did you also know that a common tool used to pay for inheritance tax liability is life insurance. Via a whole of life policy you could mitigate your liability to inheritance tax.

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